Valeryj Ignatavich Glushakoŭ

aka Valerij Glushakov (Russified)

Glushakoŭ as Duca di Mantova

Valeryj Ignatavich Glushakoŭ was born on 1 September 1926 in Babrujsk.

During World War II, Glushakoŭ was a guerilla fighter in the Kirov brigade. At the end of the war, Glushakoŭ was drafted into the Soviet army.

After the army, Glushakoŭ entered the Belarussian State Conservatory in the class of Evgenij Vitting.

After graduation in 1956, Glushakoŭ sang leading roles on the stage of the Minsk State Opera, where he later became head of the stage direction department (1978–88).

Twice, in 1959 and 1961, Glushakoŭ was elected deputy of Minsk.

He died in Minsk on 3 April 2005. In 2010, a commemorative plaque was displayed on the house on Independence Avenue, 48, where Glushavkoŭ had lived for many years.

His repertory included: Vronek (Jasnae svitanne/Clear dawn by Turankoŭ/Turenkov, 1958), Andrehj (Kaljuchaja ruzha/Prickly rose by Semjanjaka, 1960), Lukash (Charodejka/The enchantress), Astrologer (Zolotoj petushok/The golden cockerel), Andrej (Khovanshchina), Indian Guest, Vladimir (Knjaz Igor), Don Antonio (Obruchenie v monastyre/Betrothal in a monastery by Prokofyev), Faust, Werther, Cassio, Duca, Alfredo, Nadir, Enzo, ...
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I wish to thank Vera Lyakhova for her help.
Valeryj Glushakoŭ sings Otello: Vieni, l'aula è deserta, with Igor Sorokin and Zinovij Babij (Otello) in Russian

Recordings of Glushakoŭ are extremely difficult to come by. A half-hour documentary on him on Belarussian TV used a few recordings with piano accompaniment (two songs and Pourquoi me réveiller), all very well-done with a slender, lyrical, excellently focused voice. But the host of that TV program would inevitably talk over the music without allowing a single recording to be played completely and finished properly. All that I found else is one live Otello performance from Minsk, where Glushakoŭ sings Cassio.
But Igor Milner found another one – the recording of a Belarussian lied, composed in 1948. Thank you for this rarity!
Valeryj Glushakoŭ sings Dazvol tsjabe ljubits (Aloŭnikaŭ)

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