Karl-Olof Johansson

born 6 March 1919 Alvesta

Picture of Karl Olof Johansson

as Gounod's Faust in Stockholm, 1953
One of the rather less familiar Swedish singers, Karl-Olof Johansson undertook lengthy vocal studies (1938–48), with Joel Berglund and Carl Martin Oehman, among others. He made his debut at the Royal Opera in Stockholm in 1948 as a baritone (Germont).

He switched to tenor in 1952 (debut as Radames) and sang in Sweden (Stockholm, Göteborg) and Denmark (Copenhagen) for a few more years. He must have sung in both voice keys (baritone and tenor) in those years, because he made recordings between 1947 (although he was still a student then) and 1954, and all of them are in baritone key, also the latest ones. From 1956 to 1958, he had a contract at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, and stayed in Germany after then, singing in Hamburg, Stuttgar, Frankfurt, Köln, Krefeld and Hannover. I was unable to find any information on his death.

Reference 1: Paul Harnesk (ed.): Vem är vem, 2nd edition, vol. 1 (Greater Stockholm), Stockholm 1962, p. 650; reference 2: 78opera.com (alas defunct)

Johansson as a baritone
I wish to thank Daniele Godor for the picture (Cavaradossi).

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